The Djed column is one of the most iconic and ancient symbols of ancient Egypt. It represents the backbone of the god Osiris and is often associated with stability, strength and resurrection. It is characterized by its four horizontal beams, which are said to represent the four pillars of the universe. The column also features a central shaft that symbolizes the backbone of Osiris. At the top of the column is a capital in the shape of the head of the god Ptah, who was considered the patron saint of craftsmen and artisans.
The Djed column was widely used in ancient Egyptian architecture, both as a decorative element and as a structural support. It can be found in temples and other religious buildings, where it was often painted in bright colors or covered with gold leaf.
The origins of the Djed column are unclear, but it is believed to have been associated with the god Osiris since at least the time of the Old Kingdom (2686-2181 BC). According to myth, Osiris was killed by his jealous brother Set and then resurrected by his wife Isis, who reassembled his body with the help of the Djed Pillar. Over time, the Djed Pillar became an important symbol of stability and continuity in Egyptian culture. It was often used in funerary art, where it was believed to give strength and support to the deceased in the afterlife. It was also used for amulets and other small items that would bring good luck and protection to its owner.
The Djed Pillar is believed to have its origins in a tree-like symbol that was worshipped on the Nile by cultures before the Egyptians, who adopted it. The symbol was known as the tamarisk tree and was associated with the goddess Hathor, who was revered for her power over fertility and regeneration.
The connection between the tamarisk tree and the Djed Pillar illustrates the deep roots of ancient Egyptian culture in the natural world. Like many other cultures, the Egyptians saw the natural world as a manifestation of the divine.

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